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We provide services in various cases.

Service by case

First, we proceed with a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency lost through the overload of the exchange. Exchanges often cause overload due to the absence of servers. Traders cannot do anything while overloading occurs, and when the market price falls, they lose money as it is. This is clearly the exchange’s fault and can proceed with the lawsuit.

Second, it is the case of stealing cryptocurrency through hacking. It’s legally very complicated, but we know how to recover lost coins through many experiences. The class action is also possible, and the lawsuit takes about three months.

Third, it’s a matter between individuals and individuals. This requires a civil suit. In this case, the cryptocurrency can be recovered with a high probability. There are many cases of giving up on individual and individual issues but never do that. You can get your coin back.

We're growing every year

If you look at our winning rate from four years ago, you can see that we grow every year. This is because the experience is made into data and applied to the system.

We’re not trying to boast a high winning rate. We want to show that we don’t let a lot of experience slip away and apply it directly to the system.

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The fairness of cryptocurrency

Individual power is weak. But you can't give up. You have to have will and passion to fight a huge company. We will make the world of cryptocurrency fair.

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