Cryptocurrency lawsuits are important.

Many people without legal knowledge give up their cryptocurrency lawsuits.
Services must be fair and should not be affected by any external factors.

We want a fair market for cryptocurrency.

The era of individual cryptocurrency transactions has come. Individuals make transactions through cryptocurrency exchanges. In this process, they are often treated unfairly. In a matter between individuals and companies, individuals feel burdened and do not think of lawsuits.

This is wrong. There is definitely a law in the cryptocurrency market and it protects traders through this. You have to exercise your basic rights. However, they often give up because of the low cost, duration, and amount of litigation.

We want a fair market. Traders must be protected for a fair market. Institutional investors are automatically protected by institutions, but general traders are not. I have hundreds of experiences in these lawsuits. The cost is also much cheaper than you think.

To this end, it is important to learn the basic knowledge of the exchange. In particular, 바이비트 is also the largest exchange in the world. There are a lot of people trading here. Please learn the legal knowledge of this exchange or how to use it before moving on.

Don't hesitate

I will do my best to solve your problem within the law. I know better than anyone else because I have experienced cryptocurrency problems. Pain is not something you hold, but something you share. Join a professional litigation company.

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He has a lot of experience in cryptocurrency litigation. We have filed 363 lawsuits since 2017.


We all lost money from cryptocurrency and are well aware of the changes in emotions.


We reasonably set the cost. You’ll experience a much cheaper price than other companies.


Any online or offline consultation is available. If possible, we recommend offline, but if not allowed, online consultation is possible.


I have more experience of winning than losing. In more than 300 lawsuits, our winning rate reaches 87 percent.


Listen to the customer’s voice and proceed accordingly. Our company does not provide unilateral notification and unilateral proceedings.



“Thank you for preparing even a small amount of money based on your experience. Thanks to you, I won this lawsuit.”


“They shared my pain and were sad together. I was very emotionally comforted.”


“I was very worried about the cost. But the cost of lucroorlog was very low.”


“Although I’m a foreigner, they were very kind and reasonable in filing a cryptocurrency lawsuit.”


“I won the cryptocurrency lawsuit that I almost lost with them.”

Look at the customer's voice

We think from the customer’s point of view as much as possible and proceed with the lawsuit according to the customer’s situation. This is proved by our testimonials.

You can win

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